Sign in into your Subway MVP Rewards account to delve into a world of flavor and perks. The platform not only elevates your dining experience with Subway but also ensures that every bite brings you rewarding benefits. Sign in and uncover an array of delectable rewards waiting just for you.

Sign in Subway MVP Rewards

Navigating to the Login Page:

  1. Visit the official Subway platform, located at
  2. Click on the profile icon, situated at the upper right of the landing page.

Logging into MVP Rewards:

  1. Once redirected, input your login details – both username and password.
  2. Press the SIGN IN button to explore your MVP Rewards dashboard.

Checking Your Points and Status:

  1. Click on the Rewards tab within your dashboard.
  2. Here you will see your accumulated points and your membership level: Pro, Captain, or All-Star.

Note! Every 400 points you gather translate to $2 of Subway Cash, which you can utilize towards subsequent purchases.

How to Join MVP Rewards Program

Joining the MVP Rewards Program is a seamless process and allows you to begin acquiring points immediately upon registration.

For New Members:

  1. Visit the Subway platform and direct your browser to the registration page.
  2. Furnish the necessary details including your email, formulate a password, and be sure to input your birthday for that delightful yearly gift!
  3. Click Join Now and, just like that, your account is established. Plus, enjoy a 250-point bonus just for registering!

Note! Make sure to confirm your email address (if necessary) to fully activate your account and prevent any interruptions in earning your rewards.

For Existing MyWay Rewards Members:

  1. Your tokens and rewards have been automatically adapted and shifted to the new MVP Rewards program.
  2. Sign in using your existing login details and delve into the renewed rewards awaiting you.

Subway MVP Rewards Levels

Advance through three enticing membership tiers - Pro, Captain, and All-Star, each drawing you nearer to delightful perks and exclusives.


Begin immediately upon joining, with a bonus of 250 points.


Achieve Captain status by hitting an annual spend of $200. Unlock extra benefits and exclusive promotions.


Ascend to this peak by spending $400 annually. Relish amplified points, bonuses, and members-only advantages.

Note! Preservation of Captain and All-Star status necessitates fulfilling the annual spend prerequisite for each following year.

Additional Perks and Benefits

Subway MVP Rewards don’t merely culminate at point accumulation; it assures each member feels appreciated with a multitude of perks.

  • Birthday Freebies: Revel in a complimentary item from us on your birthday annually.
  • Exclusive Subway Merch: Access limited-edition Subway merchandise and treats, particularly as an All-Star member.
  • Free Chips Fridays: All-Stars can enjoy gratis chips on select Fridays with any acquisition.

Join, accumulate, and relish the exceptional perks and delectable rewards, crafting a delightful Subway journey uniquely for you.

Latest revision date: November 30th, 2023.