Deal for three varied footlong subs at 19.99

Are you aware about Subway ongoing deal? You can purchase three Footlongs for just $19.99 if you use the special coupon code. Don't overlook any more deals! Look through all the Subway Promo Codes for more discounts and great offers in June 2024.

Steps to Enjoy 3 for $19.99 Offer

Want to buy three footlongs at a discounted cost? Just follow this instruction:

  1. First, log in on their app or website to make things super easy.
  2. Pick out any three FL sandwiches you like and add them to your cart.
  3. Head over to the Order Summary section, type in FTL1999 where it says promo code, then click Apply.
  4. The price will be reduced to $19.99 before other charges are applied.

Quick tip: Staying logged in might skip some steps like selecting a store, which can make ordering faster.

See How Much You Can Save

Let’s say you choose these tasty options: #23 The Hotshoot Italiano, #4 Supreme Meats, #6 The Boss for a total would-be price of $41.97. After using the promo code, here’s how it breaks down:

  • Original Price: $41.97
  • Savings from Code FTL1999 : - $21.98
  • New Total Before Taxes: $19.99
  • Taxes & Fees: Add about $1.77
Checkout summary

That makes your final total just around $21.76! That's big savings on your favorite subs.

Trouble Using the Code?

We recommend checking the reasons for possible problems with the code:

  • Some stores might not be taking part in this promotion.
  • If FTL1999 doesn't work because it's expired or another reason, try switching it up with codes like FL1999 or 1999FL for similar deals.
  • If the code works but you're still having trouble, it might be because some of the sandwiches aren't included in the deal. You could try picking another sandwich or going to a different place that's taking part.

As of the June 21st 2024, the coupon was valid.

Written by Nadia
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