Snag a free cookie with any buy when you use the code SWEET . This is your chance to fill your sweet tooth and enjoy your most-liked dish at the same time. Make your order online today and give yourself an amazing mealtime treat with Subway!

Using Promo Code

Here's how to get your free cookie:

  1. First, pick out the main dish you’re hungry for:
    • Find what you're craving in the menu and add it to your basket.
  2. Next, don’t forget your free cookie:
    • Look for the area marked SWEET on the menu.
    • Choose the cookie you want most and put it in your basket too.
  3. Time to use that promo code when you're looking at your cart:
    • When you get to where it shows everything you're ordering, find where it says «Got a Promo Code?»
    • Put in SWEET where it tells you to enter your code.
    • Hit Apply to make that cookie's price drop away.
  4. See how much you saved on that cookie: After using the code, you'll see less cost for the cookie right by where all special deals are shown.

Heads up! If there isn't a cookie in your basket when trying this, a warning will pop up.

Don’t let this awesome deal slip away. Grabbing a tasty dessert for free while enjoying your favorite meal is too good to miss.

As of the June 17th 2024, the coupon was valid.

Written by Nadia
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