Two sandwiches and a bottle of Coca-Cola on black background

Craving a tasty Subway sandwich and something to drink? Good news! We have a special code for you, that allows to snag a free Footlong sandwich when you buy one more big sub and a drink. You can't mix this offer with other deals or codes. When you check out, the best deal for your purchase will be picked automatically. Want more deals like this? If so, go to Subway Coupons to save more.

How to Claim Your Free Footlong

  1. First, pick out the big sandwiches you'd like. Remember, to use the special deal, you need at least two big sandwiches and one drink in your order. Feel free to mix different types of sandwiches to make your meal even better.
  2. After choosing, put those big sandwiches into your cart. Make sure you have at least two to use the special offer.
  3. With your sandwiches in the cart, head over to checkout. You'll enter some info and look over your order before using your discount code.
  4. When you're checking out, look for a box labeled "Enter Promo Code Here." Type BOGODRINK into the box and be sure it's correct. Hit Apply next to the box. This locks in the BOGODRINK code for your order.
  5. Once applied, you'll see how much you've saved in the Deals section of your Summary. The total amount will now include your discount.
order summary screen showing a deal with a $12.99 discount, resulting in a subtotal of $15.38

Just Remember: Taxes, service fees, or any other extra charges still apply and will be added on.

Enjoy your delicious Subway at an awesome price – and keep an eye out for more Subway deals in April 2024 to make future meals even better!

As of the April 9th 2024, the coupon was valid.

Written by Nadia
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