Appetizing footlong sandwich presented on a wrapper in yellow, green and white colors

Order in the App or online with promo code FL699 . This promotion is valid in the U.S. Order any Footlong and pay $6.99 only. Visit Subway Coupons to find more great deals

How to Activate Promo Code for $7

To use a coupon online you should:

  1. Add your favorite FL sub to your cart.
  2. At «Order Summary», enter promo code FL699 in the «Enter Promo Code Here» box and click Apply.
  3. Next to «Deals», you will see the price reduction so that the Subtotal would be $6.99.

Attention! If you get notice: «Sorry, promo not supported at this restaurant» click on «Find Participating Location» to choose participating restaurant from the list.

order summary showing a discount of $6.70 applied to the total, leading to a final payment of $16.96.

Note! Tax, service & other fees are subject to additional payment.

As of the May 17th 2024, the coupon was valid.

Written by Nadia
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