Footlong meal deal shown on a smartphone, with an image of a sandwich, a bottle of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, and a bag of Lay's Classic chips.

Subway has a special deal right now. They're offering a big sandwich meal for just $9.99. To get this deal, use the code 999COMBO .

How to Grab this Offer

  1. First, if you're not signed up for Subway, start by hitting the «Start Order» button on their site or app. Then type in where you are to find the nearest Subway shop with all the details you need.
  2. Choose your favorite shop by selecting «Pick Up Here» if you want to go get it, or put in your address if you want it brought to your door.
  3. Check out the menu and pick the big sandwich you like most. Remember to click on «Make It a Meal» which might cost a bit extra (like 50 cents more for bottled drinks) and decide between chips or two cookies.
  4. After adding everything to your cart, head over to where it says «ORDER SUMMARY». Type in the 999COMBO code as shown and press «Apply».
Order summary example

If 999COMBO doesn’t work, try alternatives like MEAL999, FTLMEAL999, or 999MEAL. Sometimes certain stores may not accept it. If that happens, your summary will tell you so you can find another store that does have the offer.

Example Order Summary

Here’s how the numbers break down when you use the code:

  • Your meal starts at $14.98.
  • After discounts: -$4.99.
  • So before taxes and other fees, it's $9.99.
  • And don't forget taxes and service charges will add a little on top of that.

By ordering this way, you'll also earn 100 points!

Remember picking up your order from the store might save some money instead of getting delivery since delivery costs extra. Pick whatever works best for you — saving money or enjoying convenience!

As of the June 21st 2024, the coupon was valid.

Written by Nadia
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