A ham, salami, and turkey sub with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

Subway just rolled out an awesome deal for all the sandwich lovers out there: a 6-inch sub for only $4.99. This cool deal lets customers pick their favorite 6-inch sandwich at a great price. For more awesome Subway deals and the latest specials, be sure to check out Subway Promo Codes for the newest discounts.

How to Snag $4.99 Subway 6" Sandwich

Ready to grab this deal? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Sign into your Subway account for a faster ordering process since it remembers your favorite spot.
  2. If you're not signed up yet, start your order by hitting «Start Order», put in your location, choose the Subway shop you like, and select «Pick Up Here» or fill in your delivery details if you want it brought straight to you.
  3. Review the menu and select your sandwich. After adding everything to your order, go to the cart.
  4. Find the box in the «ORDER SUMMARY» and type in SIXINCH499 before clicking «Apply».
  5. You'll see the total cost of your order drop in the «Summary,» making sure that after taxes and any additional charges, your subtotal sticks at $4.99.
Checkout screen with a $4.99 deal for a 6-inch sub and total payment of $5.43 after fees

What You'll Save With $4.99 Deal

Imagine buying a Titan Turkey sub, usually costing $7.99 from their special Subway Series. When using this promo code, here’s how much you save:

  • Original Price of Titan Turkey 6-inch: $7.99
  • After Using SIXINCH499 Code: -$3.00 Off
  • New Subtotal: Just $4.99
  • With Tax & Additional Fees: +$0.44
  • Total Cost (What You Pay): Only $5.43

So not only do you save $3 on the sub itself with an end cost of $5.43 including taxes and fees but also score 50 points toward future purchases.

As of the June 20th 2024, the coupon was valid.

Written by Nadia
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