Are you craving a delicious 6-inch meal from Subway at an amazing price? Look no further! With the promo code 6INCHMEAL649, you can enjoy a mouthwatering 6-inch sub, chips, and a drink for just $6.49. Don't miss out on this incredible deal and treat yourself to a satisfying and affordable meal today!

How to Use Promo Code 6INCHMEAL649

  1. Choose your 6-inch sub and add it to your cart:
    • Browse the Subway menu and select your favorite 6-inch sub.
    • Click on the sub you desire and add it to your cart.
  2. Add chips and a drink to complete your meal:
    • Check out the available options for chips and drinks in the menu.
    • Select your preferred choices and add them to your cart.
  3. Proceed to the «Order Summary» stage:
    • Once you've added your meal components to the cart, head to the «Order Summary» section.
    • Here, you'll be able to review your order before applying the promo code.
  4. Enter the promo code 6INCHMEAL649:
    • Look for the «Enter Promo Code Here» box in the «Order Summary» section.
    • Type in the promo code 6INCHMEAL649 in the designated box.
    • Make sure to enter it correctly to successfully redeem the coupon.
  5. Click on the Apply button:
    • After entering the promo code, click on the Apply button to activate the discount.
    • You'll see the price of your 6-inch meal drop to the fantastic price of $6.49.
  6. Complete your order and enjoy your meal:
    • Review your discounted order and make any necessary adjustments.
    • Proceed to the payment stage and complete your purchase.
    • Get ready to savor your delicious 6-inch sub, chips, and drink at an unbeatable price!

Note! Keep in mind that this offer may have a limited-time validity or be subject to specific terms and conditions. Make sure to check for any expiration dates or restrictions before using the promo code to ensure a seamless and enjoyable ordering experience.

As of the November 30th 2023, the coupon was valid.