Hungry for a tasty 6-inch sandwich meal without breaking the bank? Grab this awesome deal! Use the coupon code 649MEAL and get a filling 6-inch sub, some chips, and a drink—all for only $6.49. Don’t let this fantastic offer pass you by; enjoy a great meal at an even better price today!

How to Snag This Deal

  1. Scan the Subway menu for your go-to 6-inch sub.
  2. Hit on the sandwich you’ve got your eye on and throw it into your cart.
  3. Take a look at what’s up for grabs, chip and drink-wise.
  4. Choose what you’re craving and add those to your cart, too.
  5. After loading up your cart with goodies, head over to see your order’s summary.
  6. Here's where you get to review everything you’ve picked before the promo code comes into play.
  7. Type 649MEAL into this box just right.
  8. With the code in, hit «Apply» to watch the magic happen—the price of your meal drops to $6.49!

Heads up, this awesome deal won't stick around for long! It might come with certain conditions or a cut-off time. Remember to check if there's a deadline or any specific steps you need to follow before using that special discount code. That'll help make your shopping experience super smooth and trouble-free.

As of the June 22nd 2024, the coupons were valid.

Written by Nadia
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