A steak and cheese sub and a deli meat sub for $13.99 on a black backdrop with yellow price text.

You won't believe, but Subway has a special offer allowing you to buy 2 Footlongs for $13.99. Just enter the special code, wich we'll advise you a bit later. For a full list of deals, don't miss out on exploring all Subway Promo Codes valid during June 2024

How to Claim Subway's 2 for $13.99 Offer

  1. Go to the Subway website or app and hit «Order».
  2. Find your closest Subway & choose two Footlongs you like, put them in your cart.
  3. At checkout, use the code FTL1399 .
  4. You'll see the price drop to $13.99 for both sandwiches.

See The Savings Yourself

Let's look at how you can save money:

  • Imagine you choose two sandwiches, like the Ultimate B.M.T which costs $11.19 and the All-American Club priced at $13.49.
  • Use code FTL1399 when paying.
  • Watch as nearly $10.69 gets knocked off the original price of $24.68, bringing it down to just $13.99.
Order summary for two footlong subs at $13.99

After tax and extra fees, which come to about $1.24, your total will be around $15.23 - showing you get great food at an amazing discount.

What If The Code Doesn't Work?

If there's trouble with getting the discount we recommend to:

  • Make sure your Subway store is included in this promotion.
  • Double-check that you've entered FTL1399 (or similar variations FL1399 1399FL) correctly.
  • Look out for any alerts during checkout that might explain the issue.

If all else fails, keep an eye on new deals on Subway's offer page or try another promo code available.

As of the June 20th 2024, the coupon was valid.

Written by Nadia
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