Are you looking to treat yourself to a delightful Footlong or Footlong Melt from your favorite restaurant? Well, here's some great news! You can now get a complimentary serving of chips to accompany your order by using the exclusive promotion code CHIPSFL. Follow these straightforward steps to make the most of this exciting offer!

How to Redeem the Promotion Code

  • Step 1: Place an Online Order or Use the App
    • Access the restaurant's website or mobile app.
    • Select your desired Footlong or Footlong Melt from the menu.
  • Step 2: Add Some Chips to Your Cart
    • Navigate to the Sides section on the menu.
    • Choose your favorite chips and add them to your cart.
  • Step 3: Applying the Promotion Code
    • Proceed to the Order Summary section.
    • Locate the «Enter Promo Code Here» box.
    • Input the promotion code CHIPSFL exactly as provided and click on Apply.

    Note! If you attempt to apply the promotion code without having chips in your cart, a notice will appear, stating: «Sorry, qualifying items are missing to redeem this offer, or a better deal has been applied.» To ensure you receive the complimentary chips, ensure they are added to your cart before applying the promotion code.

  • Step 4: Enjoy the Discount
    • Once the promotion code is successfully applied, you'll notice a reduction in the chips' price, visible right across from the «Deals» section.

Note! Keep in mind that promotion codes often come with specific terms and conditions, including expiration dates and geographical limitations. Recommend using the code promptly and verifying its validity before proceeding with your order.

As of the November 10th 2023, the coupon was valid.